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S811: Water Treatment Plant Operation and Maintenance

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Water treatment is a very serious and emotive issue at this time

S811 photo2This topic is continuously in the news. Local governments struggle to operate and maintain water treatment plants successfully. Some large industrial organisations have the same problem. In the meantime the environment and consumers of water are at risk.

S811 photo1The need for operations and care of different production plants is similar – i.e. the operational and maintenance principles are the same. Yet, water treatment plants clearly do have many aspects that are unique.

The course touches on both operations and maintenance issues. Its objective is to train both operations staff and maintenance staff. What's more, it deals with both fresh water supply plants and wastewater treatment plants.


The course addresses the following areas:

Day 1: Water Treatment and Maintenance Principles: Nature’s water treatment cycle, Water quality requirements, Water treatment system overview, Wastewater sources, Maintenance Principles: The maintenance function in context, Principles of Preventive Maintenance, Plant Inspection.

Day 2: Water Treatment Technology: Operation and Maintenance I: Water intake and screening, Coagulation and Flocculation, Sedimentation, Biological Treatment, Filtration, Disinfection, Distribution, Discharge Effluent, Maintenance of Water Plant components: Pump Maintenance, Pipeline Maintenance, Maintenance of Civil Structures, Lubrication, Corrosion Control, Machinery Alignment, V-belt drives, Flexible Couplings, Electric Motors, Control Components, Lighting.

Day 3: Water Treatment Technology: Operation and Maintenance II: Water Delivery Quality, Monitoring water quality, Advanced treatment of Wastewater, Membrane Separation Technologies, Ion Exchange, Solids Management.


Course Content

Day 1 - Water Treatment and Maintenance Principles

  1. Introduction
  2. Nature’s Water Treatment Cycle
  3. Water Quality Requirements
  4. Water Treatment System Overview
  5. Wastewater Sources
  6. Maintenance Principles
  7. The Maintenance Function in Context
  8. Principles of Preventive Maintenance
  9. Plant Inspection

Day 2 - Water Treatment Technology: Operation and Maintenance 1

  1. Water Intake and Screening
  2. Coagulation and Flocculation
  3. Sedimentation
  4. Biological Treatment
  5. Filtration
  6. Maintenance of Water Plant Components:
    1. Pump Maintenance
    2. Pipeline Maintenance
    3. Maintenance of Civil Structures
    4. Lubrication
    5. Corrosion Control
    6. Machinery Alignment
    7. V-belt Drives
    8. Flexible Couplings
    9. Electric Motors
    10. Control Components
    11. Lighting

Day 3 - Water Treatment Technology: Operation and Maintenance 2

  1. Disinfection
  2. Distribution
  3. Discharge Effluent
  4. Water Delivery Quality
  5. Monitoring Water Quality
  6. Advanced Topics
  7. Advanced Treatment of Wastewater
  8. Membrane Separation Technologies
  9. Ion Exchange
  10. Solids Management
  11. Caring for Equipment:
  12. Principles of Care
  13. Inspection
  14. Lubrication


S811 photo3Who Should Attend

The course is intended for both operations and maintenance staff. It is also meant for managing staff.

Credits 8*, level 5**

* The course comprises 40 hours of study, of which 24 hours are in class, with a further 16 hours for the assignment.

**Occupational Certificate level


 Textbook Provided

Water book

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