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Diploma Subject Choices

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Subject Choices

The diploma in Asset Management consists of a number of comprehensive and short courses, combined in one coherent logical diploma that specialises in one of the main areas of specialisation in industrial maintenance. Prospective students need to choose courses from the existing comprehensive and short courses presented by the Terotechnica Asset Management College – the specific course combination has to make sense and has thus to be approved by the College before enrollment. There are six standardised diplomas available. Only in exceptional cases will different subject combinations be allowed.

The course combination should add up to at least 88 credits, chosen from the following list of courses:

Course NQF
Number of
Class Days
Number of
C101 Asset Management for Artisans 4 2 4
C201 Asset Management for Maintenance Supervisors 5 4 12
C301 Maintenance Planning 5 5 16
C302 Advanced Maintenance Planning 5 5 16
C501 Maintenance Shutdown and Project Management 5 5 16
C702 Reliability Engineering in Asset Management
6 5 16
C901 Maintenance Practice for Asset Management Engineers 6 6 16
C902 Leadership in Asset Management
6 5 16
C903 RCM Facilitation and Analysis* 6 5 16
C904 RCM ProAktiv: Advanced Reliability Centred Maintenance
6 5 20
S801 Reliability Centred Maintenance* 6 3 8
S802 Asset Management for Executives 6 3 8
S803 Root Cause Failure Analysis 5 5 12
S804 Decision Making in Maintenance 6 5 12
S805 Maintenance Control 5 2 6
S808 Asset Management Logistics 6 3 8
S811 Water Treatment Plant Operation & Maintenance 5 3 8
S812 Road Maintenance 5 2 6
S813 Assets: Economical Replacement and Life Cycle Management 6 5 12
S820 What is Asset Management and how does it differ from Maintenance?  6 2 2
S821 Understanding ISO 55000 6
S822 Implementing ISO 55000

* The first three days of C903 consist of S801 - thus both these courses cannot be included in a diploma.
However, students that have previously completed S801 can upgrade it to C903 by attending the last
two days of the C903 course, provided that the elapsed time after completing the S801 is no more than
2 years.


The choices of subjects for inclusion into a diploma must take the NQF levels of the courses chosen into account. At least 25 percent (22) of the credits must come from NQF level 6 courses. The inclusion of C101 in a diploma has to be approved on a case by case basis. The standard Diplomas awarded can be seen here.

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