The case for Asset Management / Maintenance Training

We live in a time of high economic risk

Maintenance is not spared the magnifying glass of cost cutting, as it is one of the bigger contributors of business cost. It thus has to be as efficient as it can be.

And there is no efficiency measure as good as a competent work force. Employing the best maintenance technology, philosophies and techniques can of course do much. But all of these are only as good as the people who drives them, and those who implement their outcomes.

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Peter Senge promotes the idea of a Learning Organisation to foster innovation at every level of the business. Although such a Learning Organisation involves much more than training, training is at its foundation.

We thus believe that maintenance training is and will be one of the major drivers of maintenance success. And consequently business success....

Because of this it is our view that it is inevitable that the traditional engineering departments at universities will have to be augmented by Maintenance Engineering departments. This college is a stepping stone in that direction.

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