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    Maintenance as discipline has lately given birth to two standards: ISO 55001 and PAS 55.

    Life on today’s earth is not sustainable without production equipment keeping our economies afloat. To have this, we need running production equipment. This leads to the inevitable need for production equipment to be maintained.

    However, maintenance seems to be so simple to the average person. You surely just service equipment once in a while and repair it when it is broken?

    This is not true. Because we need more and more income to sustain life on earth, equipment becomes bigger, more complex, more expensive and more productive. An associated effect of this is that it is more and more important to keep equipment running for as long as possible to achieve maximum productivity levels.

    All of the above make maintenance training more important than ever. Maintenance people at all levels should not only be trained in their specific discipline, but also in the relevant level of maintenance management, maintenance technology, specific maintenance expert areas, specific methodologies, and the specific equipment involved.

    The potential benefit of correct maintenance training is huge. It brings understanding of your role in the maintenance organisation and empowers you to understand and practise the various techniques that are relevant to your position in the organisation.

    In short, maintenance training provides an organisation with much more production capability for a relatively modest investment.

    Our migration to the eCourse Platform

    We have only recently started moving to full eCourses. This eCourse platform thus presently have only one course, namely the C301 Maintenance Planning course. Following this we will endeavour to switch all our other courses over to the eCourse platform, starting with the more popular courses.

    However, all our courses (23 of them) are still available in-class (both public courses in Montana, Pretoria and in-house courses at company venues), as well as as online classes via the web.

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