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C302: Advanced Maintenance Planning

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While the Maintenance Planning course (C301) fundamentally prepares a planner for the task of planning, more is required to ensure a high level of output from the planning function. This has led to many requests for an advanced course.

Maintenance planning is the function that ensures that the correct maintenance actions are performed to the right equipment at the right time, and having all necessary preparation and resources in place. It is furthermore arguably the function that ensures that all maintenance actions can be completed correctly and efficiently.

C302 2

Make sure that your artisans are used efficiently by giving them tasks that are "ready to go" **

C302 3Maintenance Planning is becoming more and more important to secure the success of maintenance actions. The theory and tools of maintenance planning are also becoming more sophisticated.

The Maintenance Planning course (C301) prepares planners to understand the first part of the planning process, namely Work Order Planning. But it does not address the process of preparing the Weekly Schedule, and it does not equip the planner with advanced capabilities, such as Task Design, and Work Measurement. These are provided in this advanced course. This course:

     1. Completes the tuition of the planner regarding the full planning function. 
     2. Prepares he planner for taking the role of senior or head planner after gaining enough experience.

This course (C302) is ideally aimed at the further development of maintenance planners after they successfully completed the course in Maintenance Planning and had time to implement and integrate that knowledge in practice.

Who Should Attend

The course is intended for maintenance planners and those who manage them. Having attended and passed the C301 course is  prerequisite for enolling for this course.

** Tasks that are "ready to go" are ones for which all the necessary resources (men, materials, permits, instructions, drawings, manuals, etc.) are available for the artisan to complete the task without delays.

Course Content

Module 1

  • The AM-Tech perspective on business success, and the role of tenance Planning
  • Business types and Asset Management
  • Development of a Maintenance Plan for the organisation
  • Asset Management Value Chain
  • What about planning?
  • Why is planning necessary?
  • Review of Preventive Maintenance from C301
  • Review of Scheduling from C301
  • Review of Task Planning from C301

Module 2
Task Design

  • Work Study
  • Method Study
    • Step 1: Select tasks for improvement
    • Step 2: Record the relevant facts  
    • Step 3: Examine the facts
    • Step 4: Develop improved tasks
    • Step 5: Implement the improved methods
    • Step 6: Maintain the improved methods
  • Task Specification
    • Maintenance Task Analysis (MTA)
    • Task Specification

Module 3
Task Standards

  • Introduction
    • Link with Method Study
    • Why is this important in Maintenance?
      • Value of Time Study
      • Time Study Techniques
      • Rate of working
      • The Unit of Work
    • Problematics
      • Social Barriers
      • Technical Barriers
  • Methods
    • Time Study
      • Steps in performing a Time Study
      • Factors influencing time study
    • Other Techniques
      • Use of Technology
      • Methods Time Measurement (MTM)
      • Estimating
      • Analytical Estimating
      • Comparative Estimating 

Module 4
Work Order Scheduling - First Steps

  • Our focus in Work Order Scheduling is on weekly scheduling
    • Introduction: the importance of the Maintenance Planner
    • Task Planning in C301
    • Work Order Scheduling
    • The Maintenance Work Cycle
    • Assembling the Work Package
  • Understanding the Maintenance Planner’s work
    • The Planner’s weekly schedule
    • Maintenance Planning Process
    • Long term schedules — scheduling major calendar activities
  • Priorities and the plan
    • The Planner’s role as gatekeeper
    • Relative Rank of Importance (RROI)
    • What about the effect of the backlog?
    • Can the schedule be broken?
  • Assembling the work for the plan
    • Planned Work
    • Backlog
    • Resources

Module 5
Work Order Scheduling: 
     A. Producing the Schedule
     B. Work Support & Close-out

  • Weekly Maintenance/Production Coordination meeting
    • Planner preparation for the weekly coordination meeting
    • Agenda for the weekly Coordinating Meeting
    • Efficiency of meeting
  • The weekly schedule
    • Personnel Availability
    • Work Order Listing
    • Perform work loading
    • Prepare weekly schedule
  • Execution Support
    • The Supervisor is responsible for task execution
    • Daily Schedule adjustment
    • The effect of breakdowns and other critical work
    • Planner Support for Task Execution
    • The daily updating meeting
  • Work Close-out
    • Task feedback
    • Schedule Compliance

Credits 16*, level 5**

* The course comprises 80 hours of study, of which 40 hours are in class, with a further 16 hours of private study, and 24 hours for an assignment.

**Occupational Certificate level



Completion of C301: Maintenance Planning

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