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A short history of Terotechnica Maintenance College

The Terotechnica Maintenance College is a division of M-Tech Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd.

M-Tech was founded as a maintenance consulting company. However, maintenance training became the main activity in 1991. This was after it became clear that industry has a great need for maintenance training.main 1

The Terotechnica Maintenance College has trained thousands of Maintenance Practitioners at different levels in the industrial organisation in the Art and Science of Maintenance Engineering over the 19 years of its existence.

The name Terotechnica Maintenance College was registered in 2003. The name is derived from the name Terotechnology, which is a historic name given in 1969 by a commission of enquiry into maintenance. Their suggestion was that the name Terotechnology should be used for what has come to be known as life cycle management.

The name Terotechnica was used in the 80's for a later discontinued maintenance journal. It is thus a history rich name, which we are proud to bear.

The college now offers tuition at three different levels: Diplomas, Certificates, and Short Courses.


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