Our Philosophy about Asset Management / Maintenance

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Maintenance success elements

To understand our philosophy regarding maintenance training, it is essential to understand what we regard to be the important elements ensuring maintenance business success, which are shown in the picture on the right of the page.

Philosophy 7 pointsThe following seven elements, which are shown in the figure, should be well developed for a maiontenance organisation to serve the industrial business well:

1. A well systemised organisation
2. Proper equipment life-cycle management
3. A good maintenance operational system
4. The implementation of the correct level of maintenance technology
5. A 'deep' level of maintenance expertise (at all levels of maintenance operations and management)
6. Well designed maintenance logistics
7. A high level of development of personnel

If all these are in place, the maintenance function will support the organisation well in achieving its production and income goals.

Also visit our Qualifications Offered page for more detail regarding the 7 points listed above.

We believe that Maintenance Engineering is moving towards being an own Engineering Discipline in its own right, both at undergraduate and graduate levels.

The diploma and other courses that we present are a necessary stepping stone in that direction.

As a part of the logical outflow from this philosophy, our Managing Director is also involved in postgraduate tuition and research at the University of Pretoria.


    Centre for Asset Integrity Management
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