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Monday, 18 January 2016 16:50

S808: Asset Management Logistics

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Asset Management Logistics is one of the critical aspects underlying the maintenance and management of production and service assets in an industrial/service organisation.

canstockphoto1775489One can have an excellent asset management strategy, a good maintenance plan, an efficacious maintenance organisation, and experienced personnel. But if these are not supported by a fit for purpose logistical infrastructure, the results of the maintenance effort will be disappointing. The same is true regarding the long term management of these assets for maximum gain.

canstockphoto20078780Asset Management Logistics includes the following:

  • The logical flow of people, work, materials, parts, information, etc. in the maintenance work situation.
  • Proper layout design and equipping of the maintenance organisation.
  • Proper design of maintenance plans, procedures, and support services to ensure supportability of production equipment.
  • Maintenance Inventory and Procurement systems that ensures an effective and efficient supply chain to support ongoing maintenance work.
  • Job design and work measurement that sets realistic standards for maintenance work execution.
  • Techniques of Forecasting, Planning, Maintenance Scheduling, and Project Management as means to plan and organise the asset management function well.

There are no formal courses or books on the subject of Asset Management Logistics. Consequently, the design of the logistical elements built into most asset management organisations are based on very flimsy grounds. This course is meant to rectify this situation.


Course Content

Day 1: Introduction to Asset Management Logistics

  • What is asset Management Logistics?
  • Importance of Asset Management Logistics

  • The Asset Life Cycle as the Logistical context

  • What is included?

  • Logistics feeding the Asset Management Business

  • Supportability Analysis

  • Systems Engineering

  • Maintenance Concept

  • Integrated Logistical Support

  • Logistics inside the Asset Management Business

  • Overview

  • Facility location

  • Design for capacity

  • Organisation Design

Day 2: Logistics inside the Asset Management Business

  • Layout Design
    • Layout Types
  • Work Flow
    • Heuristics
    • Workflow as idea
    • Why is flow so important?
    • Workflow central to logistics
    • Workflow and efficiency
  • Task Design
    • The Maintenance Plan
    • Task Analysis
    • Task Content
    • Task execution time
  • Support Services
    • Maintenance Planning
    • Scheduling Shutdown Management

Day 3: Logistical Support

  • Computerised Maintenance Management Systems
    • CMMS Success Factors
    • System Architechture
    • System Success determined by
    • Input Quality
    • Managing System Success
    • Essential CMMS Functions and
    • Features for Technology Driven Businesses
  • Provisioning
    • Introduction
    • Stockholding
    • Purchasing


Who Should Attend

This course is intended for Asset Managers, Maintenance Managers, Maintenance Engineers, Managers in control of Asset Management, Managers in control of Maintenance Stockkeeping and Purchasing, Design Engineers that design Maintenance Facilities, Project Managers that build Maintenance Facilities, Maintenance Supervisors, Maintenance Planners, and many others. It can play an important role to prepare maintenance and operational personnel to understand the fundamental asset management/maintenance organisation and the flow of work in a maintenance business, to enable them to properly support the operational processes.


Credits 8*, level 6**                      

* The course comprises 40 hours of study, of which 24 hours are in class, with a further 16 hours for the assignment.

**Higher Diploma level




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