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S804: Decision Making in Maintenance

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S804 photo1Asset Management / Maintenance is not for sissys. Fortunately, there are tools available to make us heroes.

Asset Management / Maintenance practitioners are often faced with situations where they need to take challenging decisions. Such decisions are mostly based on limited information and years of experience. While experience and gut feel are invaluable in such situations, it can often be enhanced by good analysis.

Typically, maintenance decisions require the evaluation of alternative solutions in terms of various maintenance criteria such as cost, failure history, time to repair, time to failure and uptime.

S804 photo3The course Decision-making in Maintenance is aimed at providing such analysis tools. Specifically, it addresses the following decision making areas:

  • Preventive maintenance decisions
  • Component replacement decisions
  • Asset replacement decisions
  • Repairable Systems decisions
  • Condition Based Maintenance decisions
  • Maintenance resource decisions
  • Outsourcing decisions

The course intends to enable maintenance practitioners to be able to:

  • Use a variety of mathematical and statistical techniques to assist them in maintenance decision making.
  • Apply the techniques of component replacement decision-making, reconditioning decision-making, and equipment replacement decision-making to limited scale problems, using standard student copies of commercially available software.
  • Develop proper maintenance strategies for the assets under their care.
  • Do basic failure analyses.
  • Find the optimal replacement age of components.
  • Develop an essential understanding of capital replacement decision making models and techniques.

Course Content

Day 1

  • Introduction to Decision Making
  • Maintenance Strategies and Their Role in the Analysis of Component Failure Data
  • Exercise on Gear Failures
  • Unaided Decisions

Day 2

  • Test 1
  • Renewal Theory
  • Individual Exercises in Analysing Component Failure Data Using the Weibull Distribution I
  • Individual Exercises in Analysing Component Failure Data Using the Weibull distribution II
  • Multiple Objectives: SMART I

Day 3

  • Test 2
  • Asset Replacement Decisions
  • Multiple Objectives: SMART II
  • Class Assignment

Day 4

  • Test 3
  • Component Replacement Decisions
  • Student Exercises Using M-Analyst
  • Condition Based Decisions

Day 5

  • Using Simulation to Decide on Maintenance Strategy
  • Outsourcing decisions
  • Examination


S804 photo2Who Should Attend

The course is intended for maintenance managers, maintenance engineers and other maintenance personnel who need to make important maintenance decisions regarding the different aspects of maintenance (both managerial and technical decisions).

S804 photo4

Important note: Laptop computer required – refer to terms and conditions on Course Registration form, and footnote on the Course Listing.

Credits 12*, level 6**                      CPD Points: 2

* The course comprises 60 hours of study, of which 40 hours are in class, with a further 20 hours preparation for tests and a final examination.

**Higher Diploma level


 Textbooks Provided

Decision AnalysisMaintenance

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