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In house courses

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Save with in-house courses

Some organisations find it beneficial to bring us to the students, instead of the students to us. The travel and subsistence is certainly cheaper for one or two lecturers than for a whole group of your people, and there is an attractive discount for in-house courses with more than 10 students.

At some occasions organisations have even endeavoured to arrange a local group course, where they arrange a quasi-public course with students from other organisations in their city/town also attending.

Diploma 2We require a minimum of five students for an in house course. 

The cost per student for in-house courses with between 5 and 10 students the same as the advertised rate for our public courses in Pretoria. To this is added the cost of travel and subsistence for our lecturer(s).

Above ten students a discount of 20% applies on the advertised rate for our public courses in Pretoria (the cost of the travel and subsistence of our lecturer(s) will still apply).

Please contact our Registrar for a booking.
Telephone (016) 932 1629 or (012) 548 6096 or 082 855 8016
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please Note: Conditions of Entry and Payment Terms on the Administration page.


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