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Rules for Diploma Study

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Purpose of the diploma study

Diploma study has as objective to lead the student to achieve a well balanced understanding of, and be able to practise the maintenance discipline well at a practical executional level.

Study method

The normal study method is by attending the chosen comprehensive and short courses at the normal scheduled times in Pretoria. The alternative of completing the study in one's own time (distance study) is a possibility, but is not recommended. It must be borne in mind that students who insist on distance study forfeit the benefit of interaction with fellow students, workshops, group discussions, class tests and knowledge transfer by highly skilled lecturers.

However, distance study could be an option for students from other countries.

It might sometimes happen that a specific scheduled instance of a course is cancelled due to a lack of interest. In such case the student can either attend the course at a next scheduled occasion, or study on his/her own (nevertheless, it is not recommended, as stated above). If the student has completed all other courses and has to lengthen his/her study to a next study year due to such rescheduling, the re-registration fee mentioned below under 'extended study over multiple years' will not apply.

Order of presentation of courses

The College will, based on the courses chosen, impose certain restrictions on the order in which the student takes the chosen courses. This is simply to ensure that the more foundational courses are taken first.

Change of course content of diploma 

If the student for some reason feel that he/she want to change the course content after starting the diploma, an application can be lodged through the Course Administrator, for approval by College Management. The Management will not unnecessarily withhold such permission, but can decline the request based on the change degrading the intended academic purpose of the diploma. More than one change of courses will only be allowed in very exceptional circumstances.

Date of registration

Diploma students are allowed a maximum of three years, calculated from the date of registration, to complete their studies, and with this in mind a student needs to register before the end of August in order to attend at least one course before the end of that year.

Students who register between 1 September and 31 December will only be allowed to commence their studies the following year at that year’s price.

Payment of fees

Refer to the payment terms on the administration page. Extension for payment, if applicable (only for private enrolments), need to be arranged beforehand. In such case 34 percent of the fee is payable before study starts (see ‘Date of registration’ above), 33 percent not later than 31 October and 33 percent not later than 1 January of the year following. Interest will be charged at the prevailing bank prime rate for any fees outstanding after the agreed dates of payment.

Cancellation of study 

No cancellation of study is allowed. Due to the discounted diploma fee, a student and/or his/her employer takes full responsibility for the full fee at enrollment.

Extended study

Extended study over multiple years Where students study the diploma over more than one full calendar year, a re-registration fee of 5 percent of the advertised full diploma fee for the particular year will be payable as a registration fee for each additional study year. This is meant to offset the increase in materials and other costs for the particular study year.

Repeat assessments

Where a candidate is not successful in passing an individual course chosen as part of the diploma, the prescribed tests/assignments need to be repeated and an assessment fee of 10 percent of the price of the particular course paid to cover costs. No new study materials and class attendance will be provided.


The diploma is built up of comprehensive and short courses. Each of these courses include a course file, text book(s) where applicable, and other materials where applicable. See the individual courses for the relevant details. A diploma student will not receive any duplicate materials due to the fact that he/she includes two or more courses in the diploma that normally would include duplicate text book(s) for individual course enrolments.

Recognition of previous study

Students will automatically receive credit for previously completed Terotechnica courses - this recognition will not influence the study fee involved in diploma study as this fee is already appreciably discounted.

Final Project 

Following the successful completion of all courses for the diploma, the student has to complete a final project in one or more of the study areas chosen. The student makes an appointment with one of the senior College lecturers, who will act as his/her mentor, and proposes a topic for the final project, which should preferably benefit his/her employer significantly. The lecturer and student together draft a final goal, procedure, and report content outline of the intended project. The student then performs the work at his/her employer's business site and compile the report, with regular submissions to the lecturer who gives feedback so to steer the student towards output excellence.

Refer to the Requirements for final Project document

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